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​TN Turf Tuesday - A Digital Learning Series

Turf Tuesdays.jpg
Faculty, staff, and students within the University of Tennessee Turfgrass Science and Management program are excited to offer a new digital learning series for 2020: Tennessee Turf Tuesday

The objective of this series is to provide individuals managing golf courses, sports fields, residential/commercial lawns, and sod farms the latest research on optimizing turfgrass aesthetic and functional quality via sustainable cultural and pest management practices.

When is TN Turf Tuesday?

What Credits will be Offered at TN Turf Tuesday?

EVERY WEBINAR has been awarding the following:

  • Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA): 0.10 CEU​​
  • Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA): 0.10 CEU
  • Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) - please email Dr. Jim Brosnan for more information
  • ​Pesticide Recertification Credits
    • Tennessee:  1 credit in C1, C3, C10, C12
    • South Carolina: 1 credit in Category 3
    • Texas: 1 credit (type varies by date)
    • Kentucky: 1 credit in Categories 3, 18, and 20 (**only exception is July**)
    • Mississippi: 1 credit in Category III
    • Georgia: 1 credit in Category 24
​​***Pesticide credits are only available for live webinars. No credits are available for archived viewing***


This webinar series has concluded for 2020. Look for additional TN Turf Tuesday webinars in 2021. All episodes from the 2020 season are available on our YouTube channel.


October 6th: Herbicide Programs for TN: Lessons Learned & The Road Ahead 

Presenters: Dr. Jim Brosnan, Greg Breeden, Javier Vargas, and graduate students

Overview: Weeds are an issue for everyone managing turfgrass​ from residential/commercial lawns to golf courses. This presentation will provide plot-by-plot results on the efficacy of various herbicide programs for controlling summer annual and perennial broadleaf weeds. Additionally, presenters will provide guidance for managing winter annual weeds, particularly annual bluegrass, during the forthcoming fall and winter season.​

September 1st:  Disease Control Overview 2020 IMG_1427.jpg

Presenters: Dr. Brandon Horvath & David Shell

Overview: There are a cornucopia of fungal pathogens that can compromise turfgrass on golf courses, residential/commercial lawns, sports fields, and sod production. This presentation will provide attendees a look at on-going research exploring the efficacy of several different fungicide programs for controlling diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch, Pythium, and more.​

August 4th: Zoysiagrass for Golf and Sports Turf: What’s Possible?Diamond zoysia CC of birmingham.jpg

Presenters: Dr. John Sorochan & graduate students

Overview: This presentation will introduce attendees to new cultivars of zoysiagrass for use on both golf courses and sports fields. Attendees will see research plots of on-going experiments exploring nutrient and herbicide programs for establishing zoysiagrass cultivars for use on golf courses and sports fields. Additionally, additions will learn about management practices to optimize the quality of these surfaces to minimize pest invasion.

Thanks to our presenting sponsor:​

July 7th: Have You Considered BlueMuda? 


Presenters: Dr. Tom Samples, Univ. of Tennessee & several special guests!

Overview: This presentation will provide a thorough overview of the chemical and cultural management implications of managing BlueMuda on sports fields. Attendees will be asked the following questions and provided research-based answers to each query.

  • Are Kentucky bluegrasses and bermudagrasses compatible?
  • Won’t one species dominate the other?
  • Is the turf as uniform and as high in overall quality in the summer as it is in spring and fall?
  • What rate, time and method of inter-seeding works best to minimize weed infestations?
  • Foliar feed or granular, extended-release nitrogen; how does this affect disease and weed infestations requiring chemical control​?
  • Are plant growth regulators and wetting agents helpful in management?
  • Disease, insect and weed control concerns: what are the best options for controlling pests in BlueMuda fields?

June 2nd: Integrated Management Practices for Sports Fields

Presenters: Dr. John Sorochan, Dr. Kyley Dickson, Taylor Williams & graduate students

Overview: Sports fields create unique management challenges for turfgrass managers. Stresses related to foot and vehicular traffic can greatly complicate pest management decisions, and in certain parts of the United States chemical options for pest management on sports fields are limited. This presentation will provide attendees a tour of on-going research at the University of Tennessee Center for Athletic Field Safety to maximize the quality of warm- and cool-season turfgrasses used on sports fields to thereby reduce pest infestation.

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May 5th:  Introduction to TN Turf Tuesdays & Poa Control Wrap Up

Presenters: Drs. Jim Brosnan, Brandon Horvath, John Sorochan, Tom Samples

Overview: This presentation will introduce individuals managing turfgrass on golf courses, sports fields, residential/commercial lawns, and sod farms to the TN Turf Tuesday platform for 2020. Additionally, attendees will receive a plot-by-plot tour of annual bluegrass control research conducted by Dr. Jim Brosnan and his team in 2019. They’ll learn about the best herbicide programs for controlling this troublesome weed that can be used in a resistance management context.  ​​

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