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​  Recent Scientific Publications

Jeffries, M.D., T.W. Gannon, J.T. Brosnan, K. Ahmed, and G.K. Breeden. 2016. Factors influencing dislodgeable 2,4-D plant residues from hybrid bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon L. x C. transvaalensis) athletic fields. PLOS ONE. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0148992.

Jeffries, M.D., T.W. Gannon, J.T. Brosnan, and G.K. Breeden. 2016. Mitigation practices to effectively overseed into indaziflam-treated turfgrass areas. Weed Technology. 30:154-162.

Brosnan, J.T., J.J. Vargas, G.K. Breeden, L. Grier, R.A. Aponte, S. Tresch, and M. LaForest. 2015. A new amino acid substitution (Ala-205-Phe) in acetolactate synthase confers broad spectrum resistance to ALS-inhibiting herbicides. PLANTA. DOI 10.1007/s00425-015-2399-9

Elmore, M.T., J.T.Brosnan, G.R. Armel, J.J. Vargas, and G.K. Breeden. 2015. Herbicide safeners increase creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera) tolerance to topramezone. Weed Technology. 29:550-560.

Elmore, M.T., J.T. Brosnan, G.R. Armel, D.A. Kopsell, M.D. Best, T.C. Mueller, and J.C. Sorochan. 2015. Cytochrome P450 inhibitors reduce creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera) tolerance to topramezone. PLOS ONE. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0130947   ​


Beck, L.L., A.J. Patton, Q.D. Law, D.V. Weisenberger, J.T. Brosnan, J.J. Vargas, G.K. Breeden, and D.A. Kopsell. 2015. Mesotrione activity on crabgrass (Digitaria spp.) as influenced by nitrogen fertilization rate, source, and timing. Weed Technol. 29:263-273.​ ​   

Brosnan, J.T., G.K. Breeden, J.J. Vargas, and L. Grier. 2015. A biotype of annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) in Tennessee is resistant to inhibitors of ALS and photosystem II. Weed Sci. 63:321-328.​

Jones, P.A., J.T. Brosnan, D.A. Kopsell, G.R. Armel, and G.K. Breeden. 2015. Preemergence herbicides affect hybrid bermudagrass nutrient content. J. Plant Nutrition. 38:177-188.​

Jones, P.A., J.T. Brosnan, G.K. Breeden, J.J. Vargas, B.J. Horvath, and J.C. Sorochan. 2014. Effect of preemergence herbicides on hybrid bermudagrass divot resistance and recovery. HortScience. 49:1449-1453.    

Richardson, M.D., J.T. Brosnan, and D.E. Karcher. 2014. Turfgrass winterkill observations from the transition zone. Appl. Turf. Sci. DOI:10.2134/ATS-2014-0049-BR

Vargas, J.J., J.T. Brosnan, T.C. Mueller, D.A. Kopsell, W.E. Klingeman, and G.R. Armel. 2014. Biokinetics and efficacy of aminocyclopyrachlor-methyl ester as influenced by diflufenzopyr. Weed Sci. 62:538-547.

Brosnan, J.T., K.H. Dickson, J.C. Sorochan, A.W. Thoms, and J.C. Stier. 2014. Large crabgrass, white clover, and hybrid bermudagrass athletic field playing quality in response to simulated traffic. Crop Sci. 54:1838-1843.

Brosnan, J.T., G.K. Breeden, and J.J. Vargas. 2014. Influence of simulated rainfall timing on large crabgrass control with two quinclorac containing herbicides. Applied Turf Sci. DOI 10.2134/ATS-2013-0004-BR​

Brosnan, J.T., G.K. Breeden, K.H. Dickson, A.W. Thoms, and J.C. Sorochan. 2014. Applications of preemergence herbicides in spring do not affect bermudagrass traffic tolerance in fall. Appl. Turf Sci. DOI10.2134/ATS-2013-0047-BR

Thoms, A.W., J.T. Brosnan, J.M. Zidek, and J.C. Sorochan. 2014. Models for predicting surface temperatures on synthetic turf playing surfaces. Procedia Engineering. 72:895-900.

Brosnan, J.T., G.K. Breeden, A.W. Thoms, and J.C. Sorochan. 2014. Effects of preemergence herbicides on the establishment rate and tensile strength of hybrid bermudagrass sod. Weed Technol. 28:206-212.

Cutulle, M.A., G.R. Armel, J.T.Brosnan, M.D. Best, B. Bruce, H.E. Bostic, and D. Layton. 2014. Synthesis and evaluation of heterocyclic analogs of bromoxynil. J. Agric. & Food Chem. 62:329-336.

Brosnan, J.T., E.H. Reasor, J.J. Vargas, G.K. Breeden, D.A. Kopsell, M.A. Cutulle,and T.C. Mueller. 2014. A putative prodiamine-resistant annual bluegrass population is controlled by indaziflam. Weed Sci. 62:138-144.​ 

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